Evolve with Emily Hayden - From Prison To Entrepreneur Peter Meyerhoff

Warning: Today’s episode is not for children.

In today’s episode, Emily talks to guest Peter Meyerhoff. Peter’s story almost sounds like a movie script. He was a teenage felon and was in prison from the age of 18 until he was 30 years old. He talks about all the events that led up to getting him arrested and charged with 12 years in prison, his experience there and how he’s taken such an awful nightmare and turned it around and into something good. He talks about his sobriety and is now an entrepreneur, prison consultant, motivation speaker helping other felons. Peter is the host for the podcast called Roll Call With Chappy where he explores conversations around addiction, mental health and life lessons which providing action steps and tools to encourage change. He shares his own personal experiences inspire individuals to get sober and stay out of prison. Peter’s story is truly remarkable and one you do not want to miss.