Entrepreneur. Podcast Host. Motivational Speaker.

Peter Meyerhoff is a very rare type. You could say he had the world in his palm as a kid from athletics, to modeling, and even starring in a movie as a child. 

Peter Meyerhoff

Once he hit high school everything changed.

He got involved in using drugs, which started out with just weed then came the hard drugs. His life spiraled downhill extremely fast and got arrested multiple times, from stealing cars to robbing houses. He was sent to prison for 12 years at the age of 18 and didn’t get out until after his 30th birthday.

Being the alpha male Peter is he ended up getting swallowed up by prison politics and ended up being the shot caller in there. When Peter got out of prison he hit the streets running. He ended up becoming successful transferring his pains from prison to drive for success out in the world. He made a couple million dollars his first 5 years out with only an 8th grade education. He moved on to his podcast to help motivate people, as well as telling his story across prisons and jails across the country, and now owns a sober clothing company.

Peter’s goals now are to motivate people when he speaks using the mental strength he acquired in solitary confinement, helping people get sober, and change the recidivism rate by showing people what’s really possible with the right drive and no excuses. History has a way of repeating itself but with his guidance and experiences he’s helping the younger generation not go through the rough pitfalls of life.