Episode 05: Surviving The Loss of 3 Siblings, Overcoming Addiction, Stripping, & Falling in Love with a Shot Caller with Hannah Keller

Peter “Chappy” Meyerhoff sits down with the love of his life, Hannah Keller.

The two first crossed paths in the gym and it wasn’t long before both knew that there was something more at play. Chappy was completely taken aback upon learning that Hannah was, at the time, a stripper. But then he witnessed the deep love and affection she had for her two little girls and knew right away that there was more than meets the eye.

“Money can’t buy happiness, but it can relieve a lot of stress as a single mom,” says Hannah, reflecting on the tough circumstances that led to her becoming a stripper.

Like Chappy, Hannah’s early life was filled with tragedy, from divorced parents to a brother dying in a car crash when she was ten, to a grandfather who committed suicide right in front of his wife, to another two siblings dying from drug overdoses.

Hannah points to her little girls as her catalyst for turning her life around. “I know that God did that for a reason. Those little girls saved my life. They did. The only reason I’m here right now is because of them.”

Chappy and Hannah go on to talk about how they progressed through their relationship, especially during those challenging early days when Hannah had to deal with a drug relapse. They also discuss the exciting possibilities for the future as opportunities continue to come their way.

Topics Discussed: 

  • [02:51] How Chappy and Hannah met
  • [05:24] Hannah’s background as a stripper
  • [11:35] Hannah’s tragic upbringing
  • [22:10] The destructive power of drugs
  • [31:46] The poem that Hannah’s sister for her late brother wrote just before her death
  • [34:22] The latest chapter in Chappy and Hannah’s lives
  • [42:01] Going through therapy together
  • [49:57] Chappy’s biggest fear

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Key Quotes:

  • [My] little girls saved my life. They did. The only reason I’m here right now is because of them. If you have children, you know exactly how I feel. ~Hannah
  • I had to find someone I respected enough to want to make changes and whose feelings I could consider other than my own, because this isn’t a prison yard. ~Chappy
  • Nobody is going to think the way you think. They are not you. You are you. [...] They will never understand, because they are not you. ~Hannah