Episode 11: Dan Fleyshman: Tactical Lessons from Millionaire Entrepreneur & His Mission to Save the World

Dan Fleyshman

Peter “Chappy” Meyerhoff sits down with Dan Fleyshman, Founder of Elevator Studio Celebvidy, and Model Citizen Fund; and Director of Gaming at ENGAGEBDR.

In 1999, Dan got his start in business in his late teens by investing $43,000 in savings, which he was “supposed” to use for college, to start his own clothing brand Who's Your Daddy. At 18 years old, the business cracked $1 million, and at 19, it reached $9.5 million. At 23, he took Who’s Your Daddy public relaunched as an energy drink brand under the same name—making Dan the youngest owner of a publicly-traded company in history.

In 2008, a decade after founding his first business, Dan tried his hand at creating an online poker site. It was short-lived; yet, Dan points to that first true failure in his career as being key to all of the wins he continued to experience moving forward.

Now with multiple massive business successes under his belt, Dan has a powerful desire to pay it forward. His philanthropic initiatives include a venture to backpacks for the homeless, as well as Thanksgiving food drives. He says that his ultimate dream is to save the world, not for any sort of recognition, but so that other people become inspired by his example and replicate what he was able to accomplish.

Dan closes the conversation talking about the mental and tactical secrets to connecting and collaborating with high-profile individuals, and how anybody regardless of their age or background can get unstuck and pursue their true calling in life today.

 Topics Discussed: 

  • [01:37] Dan’s backstory and early business success

  • [05:22] Starting an online poker site at 27 (and losing it overnight)

  • [10:54] Dealing with his first major business failure

  • [12:58] How Dan uses social media for business

  • [17:18] Working with the Kardashians and the power of collabs

  • [22:53] Dan’s philanthropic initiatives

  • [30:28] Dan’s goal to save the world and other projects

  • [35:05] Finding work-life balance

  • [38:30] How to connect and collaborate with high-profile individuals

  • [40:58] How to get unstuck

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 Key Quotes:

  • The bad things that happened literally forged who I am as a person.

  • I want to save the world. It’s a very lofty goal, but it’s real. I have clear visions of ways I want to save the world, and none of it is for me. I don’t want a pat on the back to do it. I want to do the things so that people can replicate what I do.

  • Is your future worth more than your uncomfortability?