Episode 02: Surviving Prison & Life with the Never Ending Support of my Brother Matt Jr.

Peter “Chappy” Meyerhoff sits down with his brother Matt Jr.. The younger Meyerhoff looks back on the horror of witnessing his older brother’s descent into drugs and thievery, while feeling powerless to help since Matt was only an 8th grader at the time.

Matt remembers endless nights filled with tears following Peter’s sentencing and enduring those 12 long years with nothing but hope in his heart.

He recalls Peter’s release and the grand welcome he prepared for his brother, including a festive gathering of family and friends and a brand new flatscreen TV.

This, of course, wasn’t the end of the darkest chapter of the Meyerhoffs’ lives. Matt then reflects on those first few moments after hearing the news that Peter overdosed on drugs and his initial doubts that Peter would ever become sober.

Finally, Matt assures Peter that giving up on his brother has never—and will never—become a possibility in his mind.

Soon after Peter’s decision to quit the car business right on the heels of his best month, Matt could see that there would be no limits to the amount of success and significance that would come Peter’s way in the coming years.

Topics Discussed

  • [01:26] Growing up as Peter’s brother
  • [03:07] What it was like to see Peter’s descent and going to jail for 12 years
  • [07:46] The fear of extensions to Peter’s sentence
  • [12:47] Matt reflects on the day Peter was finally released from prison
  • [19:39] The day of Peter’s overdose
  • [22:58] Why Matt knew he would never give up on Peter
  • [26:27] Matt’s reaction to Peter’s decision to quit at the car business after his best month

Key Quotes

  • I knew when I didn’t die that day that I was saved for a much bigger purpose, and it’s to help people save lives. ~Chappy

  • I know you were going to be successful doing whatever the fuck you want. Whatever you decide, literally anything, you’re just going to grind until it happens. If one thing doesn’t work out, you’ll find another thing. ~Matt

  • One thing that prison taught me was hustle. When you don’t have too many options, you acquire a great knack to just figure shit out. ~Chappy