Episode 03: God, Family, Freedom with Pinal County Sheriff, Mark Lamb

Peter “Chappy” Meyerhoff sits down with Sheriff Mark Lamb of Pinal County.

Listen in as Sheriff Lamb touches on his days as an entrepreneur years before his foray into law enforcement at the age of 34. He speaks in particular of his involvement in bringing the number of drive-by shootings in Arizona’s Navajo Reservation from 76 in 2009 down to 0 in 2011.

He was elected Sheriff of Pinal County, Arizona in 2017, initially inspired by a decision to make a big impact on his community due to his dissatisfaction with the Obama administration.

Asked about the keys to success and looking past money as the end-goal, Sheriff Lamb talks about the importance of deciding on a cause to fight for beyond one’s own personal gain.

He crucially defines the difference between believing that you’re “special” versus believing that you’re “unique”, and that the latter is fundamental to helping you discover your strengths and purpose while keeping your ego at bay.

Sheriff Lamb explains how he used the marketing concepts he learned as a business owner and applied them to his benefit while running for Sheriff, and then to improve upon the current Department after he was elected.

He goes on to share how he used his platform as Sheriff to promote God, family, and freedom, including establishing the subscription-based streaming service American Sheriff Network.

Topics Discussed: 

  • [02:10] Mark’s life before becoming Sheriff

  • [05:22] Dealing with gangs in Arizona’s Navajo Reservation

  • [07:59] Moving to Pinal County and becoming Sheriff

  • [10:20] Taking advantage of your strengths to achieve success and create a legacy

  • [15:42] Innovating the Sheriff’s Department

  • [18:54] Programs that Sheriff Lamb is most proud of

  • [26:04] How American Sheriff Network came to be

  • [31:22] Sheriff Mark’s plans for the future

Connect with Sheriff Lamb:

Key Quotes:

  • On the reservations, it’s a little bit different to what you would see in the city. In the city, gangs are mostly motivated by drugs or territory. On the reservations gangs are mostly motivated by family. ~Sheriff Lamb